Paint 360

Fortem have supported the growth of the SME Paint360 over the last 4 years, allowing their revenues to increase by 400% and employ more vulnerable, long-term unemployees as their core workforce.

paint 360 logo

In 2013, Fortem started using Paint360’s innovative anti-graffiti and insulated recycled paint in void properties at their contracts with Paragon and Phoenix. Fortem were so impressed that they established a national partnership with them, helping them pitch their product to Travis Perkins who now stock their product online and in stores.

Paint360 specialises in re-using waste paint taken from waste-management companies and turning it into a hard-wearing, quality paint product. Their products are unique as they are all re-engineered from waste water based products that would otherwise be destined for disposal through landfill or incineration.

The new paint is made from a minimum of 80% recycled content. The subsequent carbon savings have been independently verified by the Carbon Footprint Company Ltd; each litre of paint saves enough embedded carbon to run an average van for 5 miles, carbon free.

Paint360 is also committed to providing employment for the long term unemployed and have so far provided permanent jobs for over 14 young people.