The ‘Fortem All Safe standard’ outlines the key principles required to take the business safety culture to the next level. The All Safe culture is more than a Health and Safety initiative; it is a journey that drives the way we think, the way we act and the way we work.

Health, Safety, Environment

Health, Safety, Environment

The ‘All Safe Standard’

No one should suffer pain.
ALL accidents can be prevented.
Zero tolerance for unsafe Behaviour
Everyone looks out for each other

These principles are at the forefront of everything we do, in every decision we make and in every piece of work we undertake. They guide our behaviour at all times, wherever we are working, whatever we are doing and whoever we are responsible for.

All Safe at Work

The safety of our staff, trades, supply chain members and residents in whose homes and communities we work is of paramount importance.

All Safe in the Community

Safeguarding our residents is of top priority when delivering our services to the local community. This includes resident inductions and safety presentations to local schools.

All Safe on the Move

We promote a ‘Safe Driver’ policy with all our employees. This includes weekly van checks on our fleet and driving licence mandates for car drivers.

Meet the Team

‘Here at Fortem, our business prides itself on developing people to the highest standards. Training and qualifications are key in giving our people the best chance of succeeding in their role. The Health, Safety & Environment Team are evidence of this and have all been grown and developed from within which ensures the All Safe culture is carried forward and embedded into our business’.

Melinda Simon
National HSE Manager
Stephen Hallsworth
National Compliance Manager
Stuart Witty
HSE Manager
Tristan Dovey
SHE Advisor (Midlands)
Spencer Scriven
National Electrical QA Advisor
Brian Wood
Health & Safety Advisor
Frank Perrin
Assistant H&S Advisor