Date: 05/05/2017

Over the next three years, Fortem are supporting four boxing gyms in their local areas and spread across the country.

The four gyms they have chosen to support are 26RR Fitness in the north, Westside Boxing Gym in the south, Kings Gym in the midlands and Lower Manor Boxing Gym also in the north.

Headlining Fortem’s fundraising is their Four Men and a Camel Challenge where, from the 11th to the 18th November, four of their employees will trek across the Sahara to raise funds for the gyms.

You can find out more about each of the gyms and follow the four men on their training journey as they document their progress on their YouTube channel

Local boxing gyms have made big differences in both the communities they operate in but also to the youngsters that attend them. Support of these clubs has been sporadic historically and they struggle to get funding. Despite that they have managed to turn out youngsters who have excelled all the way to Olympic level, such as Anthony Joshua and Nicola Adams.

By supporting local boxing gyms, Fortem can create, manage and deliver community investment activities that contributes directly to society and to their long term goal, which is to enhance the life chances of 3,500 young people by 2020.

You can support Fortem’s challenge by sharing their YouTube channel or donating via their JustGiving page