At Fortem we pride ourselves on our exceptional people and the service they deliver to our customers. Our track record of performance is underpinned by the values and behaviours of our people which includes pride, ownership and discipline. As a company we support personal development to focus on developing our ambassadors into adaptable and versatile people who have passion in the performance they deliver.
performance, quality, values

Going the Extra Mile

Paul Ward
"Orbit gave thanks to Fortem’s roofing team with special mention to Paul Ward. The client had a severe leak into a sheltered housing property which knocked out all of the electrics so they had to be isolated for safety reasons. This meant that the elderly and vulnerable customer had to be re-located to the scheme guest room. Paul and the team pulled out all the stops on this repair, arranging fast track scaffolding amongst other measures. Paul went out on site with the team as the job was problematic and completed all necessary roofing repairs. Paul spent time with the customer who was frightened and called the client who agreed to keep the customer in the guest room overnight and test the electrics and gas to the property tomorrow. The customer was able to move in the daylight hours when there were scheme staff to assist."
Fortem performance, quality, values
Fortem performance, quality, values
Alex Bird
"Due to annual leave within the planning team, Alex covered all the call centre appointments and emergencies for this area across all trades. Alex by trade is a plumber but he stepped up and assisted with covering everything. There had been many occasions when emergencies have been dropping in and his diary for the day was already over booked. When phoning Alex he would reply “No problem at all just add it on and I’ll get there don’t worry”. His positive all round attitude under pressure has been commendable."
Graham Dury
"Graham was nominated by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council housing team for going out of his way twice in a week to help them get new tenants signed up to tenancies.  On the first occasion Graham went out of his way to deliver keys so that a property could be viewed by the prospective tenant before they went into hospital, and on the second he rolled his sleeves up to ensure a property was ready for occupation early by a vulnerable adult who would have otherwise had nowhere to stay."
Fortem performance, quality, values