Fortem has extensive experience in delivering planned works. In the last year, we have delivered in excess of 15,000 planned installations including kitchens, bathrooms, rewires, central heating, windows, doors, roofing, walls, drainage and environmental improvements for local authorities and registered social housing clients, blue light services and the public sector.
planned works, installations, refits, refurbs, improvements

Delivering an Effective Service

Our team can provide a fully inclusive approach, or clients can select a combination of steps

1. Identification

Help clients understand problems and provide solutions

2. Planning

Consulting with key stakeholders to provide a robust and achievable programme

3. Delivering Works & Aftercare

Our team work alongside clients to ensure that works are delivered to the satisfaction of the end user

Quality Standards

Informed benchmarking ensures consistent adherence to quality standards

Fortem routinely use pilot void properties to determine methodology and benchmarks for each work element, to value-engineer the specification and optimise end product quality. Trade and design expertise is integrated, with manufacturer installation training provided.

Quality Control

Fortem’s experienced management staff carry out routine site-based inspections countrywide.

Quality is underpinned by site-based inspections undertaken by our directly-employed management and supervision staff. They hold full responsibility for quality of work, operative behaviour and the care taken to respect and protect residents and their homes.

Added Value and Continuous Improvement

Repairs Mapping

We are able to provide quarterly ‘repair maps’ showing repair flows by postcode, trade, priority and major property element. This creates an opportunity for prioritised allocation of funds to areas that really need work first.

Guinness re-prioritised their 2015 kitchen investment programme after the completion of a small number of validation surveys, deferring 57 addresses that had lower than average kitchen repairs to release investment for properties that had over 15 kitchen related repairs within the last year. Our approach reduced annual repair costs by £58,000

Programme Engineering

We work with our clients to engineer efficient planned programmes with the following key features: An effective work draw-down process allowing for uninterrupted work sequencing; a regular flow of work across the year, supporting increased direct delivery; and a seasonally geared programme for weather-sensitive works to reduce non-productive down time.

Along with Constructing West Midlands, Fortem engineered a cyclical decoration programme which sequenced external roofline and window decoration works to be carried out in spring and summer and internal communal area decoration in autumn and winter. Over the entire project, only 6 working days were lost due to inclement weather events.

Using Resources Efficiently

We work with clients to bring forward or push back planned and capital work activity to maximise the use of elements such as scaffolding, site welfare facilities, site supervision and tenant liaison.

In collaboration with Birmingham City Council, Fortem brought forward an estate window and door programme by 12 months to coincide with a roofing programme in the same area. This reduced the scaffolding access cost for the client by c£50,000 and our scheme site preliminary costs were reduced from 12% to 9% of the scheme value.


We provide an aftercare service including a bespoke set of documents for the end users, providing them with contact details in case of an unlikely defect and how to maintain the asset.

At South Holland we provided tailored packs to 750 residents explaining what products would improve the life of their kitchen
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