Date: 12/10/2023

Fortem has recently received glowing feedback from Hull City Council residents, as they near completion on an eight-year project to improve energy efficiency, lower fuel poverty and support the decarbonisation agenda.

Residents of the newly refurbished bungalows in Park Lane East have reported they have already seen their heating bills reduce and can feel they live in warmer homes.

Following customer service questionnaires on the completed bungalows, we have received 100% customer satisfaction scores. One resident commented, “I am very happy with all the work, they have done a great job. My home already feels a lot warmer. I have enjoyed the company of everyone who has been working in my home.”

As part of the Councils Affordable Warmth Strategy, the project is delivering improvements to over 2,000 homes in the area. On behalf of Hull City Council, Fortem are upgrading resident’s homes with external wall insulation, new roofs and new doors and windows making homes look better and more importantly feel warmer as the autumn and winter months approach.

This programme of works, which Fortem are delivering to PAS 2035 standards for social housing properties across a range of non-traditional housing styles, marks a total investment of over £50 million.

Mark Nearney, Assistant Director for Neighbourhoods and Housing at Hull City Council said, “Together with Fortem we are carrying out one of the biggest home insulation programmes in the UK. Thanks to this partnership, our tenants have warmer, more comfortable, and healthier homes. And, very importantly in the current cost-of-living crisis, the properties are more energy efficient, which helps to save money on fuel bills. Fortem has been working with the council since 2015 and is helping us to deliver other aspects of our wider Affordable Warmth Strategy.”

Julian Wright, Senior Operations Manager at Fortem said, “We are delighted to receive this feedback that residents feel their homes are now warmer and the energy efficiency is being realised in reduced bills. We are also pleased that residents are enjoying the transformed look of their homes. We hope that this investment improves resident health and wellbeing and will continue to provide cost savings, long into the future. We would like to thank the residents for their feedback as we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service, making a difference to lives and communities.”