Date: 09/12/2019

Fortem have been ranked the highest company in their sector in Carbon Management. They’ve been presented with the accolade after their successful re-certification with the Carbon Trust.

Fortem met the Standard for Carbon after demonstrating an absolute carbon footprint reduction on 17.4% and a carbon management score of 87%. Their Sustainable Development Strategy has committed them to a 50% reduction in carbon intensity between 2010 and 2020. The scores place Fortem as the highest-ranked company in the construction sector.

Following this recognition Fortem were also awarded ‘Best in SME Carbon Management’ at the Carbon Trust’s Corporate Sustainability Summit in London. Standard bearers of the Carbon Trust Standard continue to deliver carbon reductions year on year and realise the benefits of associated efficiencies.

The Carbon Trust said, “Stringent target setting, a proper delineation of responsibility across the organisation and continual reviews of progress have played key roles. A transparent monitoring system, including weekly inspections and quarterly audits and site-by-site emissions tracking, as well as a series of metrics used to assess the emissions performance of its vehicle fleet, have no doubt contributed to the company’s success.

“Fortem integrates carbon-consciousness across its supply chain, engaging staff and suppliers through dedicated training programmes, meetings and data-sharing, as well as consumers through an innovative low-carbon product and service offering. Having achieved sector-leading scores in the areas of responsibility, communication, accounting, monitoring, and staff engagement, Fortem should be commended for its efforts.”

Declan Whittingslow, National Environmental Advisor at Fortem, said “It’s a fantastic achievement to be awarded this prestigious award in our very competitive industry, especially being Fortem’s first standalone certification with the Carbon Trust. Fortem takes Carbon reduction extremely seriously and understands the global importance of continual CO2 reduction, accompanied with risk management of other important environmental aspects.”

Fortem are further providing support in the reduction of carbon by offering a Green Bonus to employees that opt for low emission cars and paying supplements to those who share vehicles.