Date: 11/04/2019

Six Degrees is helping Fortem transition away from legacy IT infrastructure to a secure, scalable and future-proofed environment that allows the business to deliver high quality, flexible services to its clients.

Fortem is working in partnership with Six Degrees to transition its IT systems to a secure, scalable and future-proofed environment. The new environment will support Fortem’s continued growth with an optimal IT model that will minimise disruption and risk, and will enable the business to deliver a flexible set of services to clients.

Fortem partners with Six Degrees to begin its journey to a future-proofed IT environment

Fortem needs to be quick to respond to its clients’ needs, regardless of time and location. An Avaya-based Unified Communications solution will revolutionise Fortem’s communication capabilities, enabling the business to operate a 24x7 multi-channel contact centre that improves user experience and increases customer contact options.

The nature of Fortem’s business operations necessitates high levels of uptime and security. Six Degrees will deliver Business Continuity and Managed Workplace services to provide robust disaster recovery and 24x7 monitoring that ensure the integrity of the environment, in line with operational and regulatory requirements.

Fortem has built out its own IT team to deal with end user incidents and requests, along with the day-to-day management of IT services. This enables the business to deliver user-focused support that allows engineers to build strong relationships and target first time fixes, ultimately resulting in Fortem delivering better services to its clients.

Chris Hone, Systems Director – Business Solutions, says “We have clear aims for the IT transition programme. At the programme’s core is the need for Fortem to continue its sustained growth, and to build on the excellent reputation the business has with its clients throughout the UK.

“The vision that drives the programme is to implement a 24x7 monitored IT infrastructure that is secure and scalable, with future-proofed telephony that enhances our communication and collaboration capabilities. We also want to further increase our in-house technical skills and ensure that users receive the highest possible levels of support.

“Six Degrees will be instrumental in helping Fortem achieve its programme vision and aims. We are leveraging their depth of resource, knowledge and experience to ensure that the entire programme is comprehensively designed, planned, executed and documented. The benefits we gain from our partnership with Six Degrees will be passed on directly to our clients.”

Matthew Brouker, Group Product Director, Six Degrees, says “We are working closely with Fortem to take them on a digital transformation journey that addresses their business challenges and delivers a robust technology platform that supports their ongoing success. Fortem has a broad range of technology requirements, from data centre hosting and connectivity through to advanced unified communications functionality that will enhance the quality of service they deliver to their clients. By leveraging the expertise of Six Degrees through a consultative process, Fortem has been able to design, build and manage the optimal environment that will meet their ongoing needs.”