Date: 09/05/2022

Fortem have launched their new Health and Safety standard, Safe4Life, which builds upon their existing promises to ensure everyone goes home safe, every day.

Safe4Life – Taking Care of You, represents Fortem’s commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of all its staff, trades, supply chain partners and stakeholders. The aim of this rejuvenated standard is to reinforce the essential requirements and expectations, which all levels of the business must meet, to develop and maintain a world-class Safety, Health, Environment and Compliance (SHEC) culture.

The existing standard includes the four key principles required to embed a robust health and safety culture:

No one should suffer pain.
ALL accidents can be prevented.
Everyone has a zero tolerance of unsafe behaviour.
Everyone looks out for themselves and others.

These guiding principles are at the forefront of everything Fortem do, be that in the planning and delivery of work, community engagements, on the move and any other way in which its people operate.

The new model builds upon these four guiding principles to incorporate seven key elements:

The 7 Safe4Life principles, as listed to the left.

The new standard has been designed to reflect how Fortem approach and manage Safety, Health, Environment and Compliance. Each component of the model details elements of the management system that is either already in place or that will be launched as part of the initiative.

Mike Hart, Managing Director at Fortem said, “The Health and Safety of our workforce, customers and members of the public continues to be our number one priority. A robust, well embedded safety culture creates the foundation for which high Health & Safety standards develops and thrives.

Mike Hart, Managing Director

Mike Hart, Managing Director