Date: 10/04/2018

Fortem Supports Sheffield Boxing Gym

Shortly after his endeavour into training he was a co-owner in the opening of ‘POW!’ a boxing gym on London Road, Sheffield. Quickly that premises outgrew its capacity and after 4 months of being open it was shut in order to open 26RR Fitness which Ryan and his team manage. Ryan is very happy with how much 26RR Fitness has improved in the last 18 months with full classes weekly for both general fitness and boxing.

26RR does a lot for the local community by being accepting of people regardless of age or gender and providing a comfortable area for people who visit. 26RR has its own café, clothing store and even an on-site physio which really makes it stand out from the crowd in the way of other boxing gyms in the area. As a family run business 26RR still has a ways to go in order to meet Ryan’s aims of “turning out champions and changing people’s lives”.

Fortem have already been involved in helping 26RR by purchasing £4,391 worth of equipment such as Adidas boxing gloves, head guards, hand wraps and various different punching bags. Some refurbishment was also needed on the gym so Fortem carried out work to install a new door on the west side of the building, remove some old benches and install a new kitchen.

Fortem are also going to be funding some of Ryan’s team to go on ABAE training in order to qualify them to coach boxing. 26RR also passed recent safety assessments ‘with flying colours’. Thanks to all of this the gym has a bright future ahead of it and we will make it our priority to help with any hiccups along the way.

Fortem are enthralled by the way 26RR focuses so much on its people and the local community. Ryan trains 6-12 year olds, and has 8 regulars. He prides himself on not only teaching them how to box but also grow in confidence, one such exercise is to make the kids talk about themselves for one minute in front of the class (an idea he got from being trained in Ingles Gym as a child). The Gym also teaches adults. Out of the dozen or so adult boxers they train, 11 of them are ready to sign up for amateur boxing and with the courses ready, Ryan has high hopes for them going forward.